Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A funky cell phone purse

Here's another cellphone purse I made. I didnt want to start on a big project, so I looked at my stash and decided to do something from my leftover yarns =) This is my latest creation, just made it up as went along. I started with the light blue yarn that was in the crochet kit that Tina gave me (yes, she gave me a lot of nice things!) I had some LB fur yarn left over, also from Tina, and in a matching light blue! I kept thinking "c'mon be funky", because looking back on my past projects they are all predictable - plain and simple. I also get to use some of my crafting accessories. Here I used a plastic button and some glass beads.

Free Patterns for Cell Phone Purses:
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Cell phone case by DMC
Cell phone pouch by Priscilla Hewitt
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Cellphone bag at Auntie M's
Mobile pocket in Eskimo yarn
Cell phone case by Lynn
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Scarecrow cell phone pouch

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  1. Cute as ever and handy too!

  2. Another cute cell phone purse! Was there yarn in that Cozy Crochet kit? I forget... Or maybe you said that my brain isn't working this morning for some reason (ha ha does it ever work?) ;p I picked up some things for you last night, I hope they are the right 'things' you wanted! :)

  3. Hi Mimi! :)
    Your cellphone purses are so cute!
    I love the colors and you make me want to try those fur yarn I never used before! :)

  4. cherrycola15 March, 2006

    Funky is fun! =)

  5. Thank you Yasmin, Tina, Chie and Sis!
    Let me just say that the fur yarns sis gave from UK are a lot lot better than the LB fur yarns. Much easier to work with, and furrier =)

  6. This is very pretty and exactly what I'd like to make for my new cell phone. Do you have a pattern for it? Thanks :-) Mel


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