Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cell Phone Tote

I'm still into cell phone purses =) and I'd like to post what I did a while back. I made this with two strands of thread size 8, and 3mm hook. I just used what I have for embellishment, and I was quite content with it. When I look at it now, how I wish I made it in a nicer color.

So I thought of making another one also using two strands of thread, but this time in multicolors. I searched the internet for some ideas and saw this cell phone bag. I went ahead and made something similar, which I will call a cell phone tote. I just love working with multicolor threads. I am always thrilled to see what design will come up with the mix of colors.


  1. Both of them are really nice!!!
    I have been in a crochet slump, but I really like your cellphone pouches, and I feel like making one myself!
    Hmm, I think I just gotta... Off to get some thread! :D

  2. I really like your cell phone purses. You've inspired me to make myself one =) The one I have is old. I don't remember when I made it but I do need a new one and yours are to my liking =)


  3. Thanks Chie and Wendy!
    I didnt expect to be able to make a cell phone purse that I would really like, but I've tried different styles, and this is the best so far =)

  4. They both turned out really nice, Mimi. I especially like the different colored ones. It turned out really cool. Thanks for sharing the link, too. I might go see if I can use it to make one with some of my new threads! :)

  5. Thanks Tina and Katie, I'm glad you like it!
    I'll be typing the pattern for the cellphone tote a little later, I wont be posting it here for free, though. I'll offer it as a free pattern with purchase of thread ;)

  6. Mimi, These cell phone pouches are really very nice. I've never made one before because I didnt like any that I saw ...but now I think I'll go for it. Thanx for the inspiration.

  7. Thanks Yasmin, glad you liked it too!


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