Friday, March 23, 2007

Parasite blogs

I dont know what they're called, so I just name them parasite blogs. Those are blogs that were created just to get people to click on their ad links. I dont know the whole scheme, but I found out several that copied and posted my free patterns on it! I dont think the blog even has a theme, they just want to mislead people. I dont know how they appear at search engines too. At the very least, they are a nuisance, they dont have anything better to do. But still they are stealing material from other people. They want to get money from nothing - no product, no service, no significant content whatsoever.
I found it by googling my name. Some of it were on blogsites that are not popular and probably are new on the web. I found one in blogspot, and I flagged it. I found another in wordpress, but wordpress has no button for flagging...
So you see why in my previous post on the free pattern why I state the copyright and the link to my post: © Mimi Alelis 2006 - do not distribute this pattern or post in another site


  1. I hate when people get ripped off in general, but I really hate it when someone's genuine talent and creativity are ripped off...if I see your patterns anywhere but on your blog I'll flag 'em, same with any others I think might have been 'stolen'. Thanks for the heads up, Mimi.

  2. Thanks, Pink :)
    I have not seen anyone else's pattern copied and posted on another site (yet).

  3. cherrycola24 March, 2007

    Bad, bad people! Good thing blogspot has a flagging option.

    Btw, I finally found a knitting/crochet mag today!

  4. Oh dear, the seemy underside of the internet has reared it's ugly head. I don't have a high opinion of people that want something for nothing. I'm sorry that your patterns are showing up in unauthorized places.


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