Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thanks Su!

I was so surprised on what Su sent me. Several weeks ago, she and I had been talking about the magnetic snaps to be used in crocheted bags. She promised to send me some. More than that, she put up a lovely package for me :) It was so neatly packed, I would not have guessed from the small box would come out a lot of goodies, wow!!!

Cute stuff, I was thrilled!

What I love the most was the crocheted flower and the shower flower soap sachet. Her design is so unique and pretty, and I could not figure it out just by looking. I'm glad I dont have to, since she shared her pattern with us. Thanks for sharing the pattern Su, I really appreciate it more looking at your finished work.
Now I still dont know the details of the crocheted flower, but I want to know, its very pretty!
Thanks for everything, Su, especially for the caring thoughts that you put in it :)
I'll "install" a magnetic snap on one of my crocheted bags soon ;)


  1. whata lovely package!Enjoy Mimi

  2. Wow you got a lot of nice things Mimi. It looks great. The Numi teas are good, they have those where I work. ;)


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