Friday, March 16, 2007

Thank you post

I know this is a bit late...
I am so glad I'm finally seeing the faces of some of my online friends who I've been reading their blogs and exchanging comments and emails with for the past year or so...
Well you know who you are ladies ;)
Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics with the rest of us!

I would also like to thank an anonymous Fairy Godmother (FGM) who sent me (actually it is for my teen son) a few months ago, a box full of bubblegum! I have previously thanked her at the forum, but had not mentioned it here. I really dont have an idea who she is, other than her last name and her return address to Walker, Michigan.
(Note: my son is still hoarding some of it, and wont share it with anyone.)

Today (Mar. 26) I got excited when I opened the mailbox and found 3 postal notices to claim package for me! I was already getting sad, always checking it and finding nothing for several weeks... So tomorrow I will write another thank you post

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