Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blogiversary giveaway

Hi everyone! I'll be celebrating my 2nd blogiversary on May 17. Yay! I did not want to let it pass without something to remember it by. After all its sort of becoming a tradition among us bloggers ;)
I accidentally came up with an idea for a blogiversary contest...
Well, the idea for this design came from one of the newsletters from a yarn company, which I subscribed to by email. I saw a model with a crocheted flower choker with a few beads in the center. Simple and cute. I made several, using different size of hooks and varying stitch counts. Here are two of my finished necklaces. I modeled the smaller one, its too close to my neck...(I dont have a model's neck, so I blurred the photo ;)

I'll be giving away a flower choker to two lucky visitors of my blog. Just leave a comment on this post for a chance to win :D
One more thing, if you can tell or guess where I got the idea for this design, I'll give a prize too. The first one to give the correct answer will be an instant winner. The contest ends when I draw and announce the winners on May 17.


  1. Silly you, blurring the picture!

    I can't think of where you got the idea-crocheted chokers are hot now and I have seen a few in some of the free newsletters I get emailed to me-maybe you got the idea from the latest Interweave Crochet mag?

  2. Anonymous13 May, 2007

    Very pretty! You always make the cutes stuff!

  3. Happy Mother's Day. The necklace is very pretty... I would guess you got the idea from Crochetme.

  4. Pretty choker.
    My guess is that you got the idea from Mani di Fata

  5. Very pretty :) Happy Anniversary!

  6. Pretty chokers! Did you get the idea from the pattern by Rachel that you used? (The one lavendar one you sent me? :D) I like them. And Happy Blogiversary!

  7. Hi everyone, thanks for your comments!
    So far 7 have been entered in my contest: Kimberly, Deneen, Sue,Sheila, Lily, Stacie,and Tina.
    Hope more will join ;)
    Btw, no correct answer yet for where I got the idea for the choker design :p

  8. Very pretty choker and as always , you make such beautiful things, you have great taste! If I'm not mistaken got this idea from Crochet Me !

  9. Both of your chokers turned out very nice, happy blogiversary.

  10. I think that you thought of it all by yourself! Happy Blogiversary~

    Oh Angelina Jolie has been wearing these.

  11. I'd love to win one of your chokers. Happy Blogiversary! My guess is that your son gave you the idea.

  12. Very pretty, Mimi! Happy (one day belated) blogyversary! I´m so happy I met you thanks to your blog. Do you remember that I found you even before than having my own blog? Thank you for being there.

  13. Thanks everyone for your inspiring comments!
    Thanks Vik, you know its only now that I realized I am one day late for my actual blogiversary post and to announce the winners of my blog contest :p Anyways, I'll get to it now.


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