Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Crocheted Dishcloths and other stuff

I mentioned a few weeks ago in this post that I joined a Kitchen Swap at FiberFreaks. I'm so glad that Kimberly is my swap partner there, since I've known her (virtually) for almost two years now. She was one of my first friends over at crochetville and my very first online customer!
Anyways, here now is the other dishcloth I sent her. This is also my first tunisian crochet project done:

Photo Credit: Kimberly, The City of Crochet

For the other stuff I sent her, check out her blog entry ;)

If you want some of those cute little gift box, I got the pattern here. Just print on cardstock, cut, fold and glue at the ends. Really cute, and here is another one. Actually, I tried to locate the homepage, but cant find it for now...

The gift card can be found here (the site has pop-up ads, though). The card I printed is here.

Also, I would like to share the coaster I made from worsted weight cotton yarn. (I got some skeins of the Bernat Handicrafter from Barb in Canada, a year ago...) I love working with the cotton yarn, it works up so fast and its soft ;) The pattern is simple: Rnd 1: 12 dc, Rnd 2: 24 dc, Rnd 3: 48 dc, Rnd 4: 48 sc. Edging: blanket stitch over each sc.


  1. Mimi - it was so great to be your swap partner! its been wonderful the past 2 years getting to know you! I look forward to our continuing friendship!


  2. I love doing dishcloths....I was in that same swap and thoroughly enjoyed it. Oh, by the way....love your halter....you did an awesome job on it!

  3. Anonymous03 May, 2007

    What lovely little goodies!

  4. I love all the little goodies! The dishcloths and coasters are so professionally done, Mimi. And the little boxes are too cute. I'm going to have to go find some card stock and print them out.

  5. Hi Sue and Tina, glad you liked the little goodies ;)

  6. Hi Mimi, yes I had seen it in Kim´s blog! Very pretty!

  7. Hi Vik, we missed you at the kitchen swap ;)


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