Saturday, May 05, 2007

Mother's Day

ETA: Oops, I just realized it isnt the 2nd Sunday of May yet and mother's day is on next Sunday. No wonder I wasnt thinking about it, until my son greeted me and presented me a gift. Oh well, I already wrote this post, so its nice anyway I'm the first to greet everyone :p

I forgot its Mother's Day today (so my son made me think), and I really dont have any plans for this day. I did greet my Mom and wish I had made something for her...but she already has a cell phone tote and several scrunchies I made. Anyway, Mom knows I'm just here when she needs me and if she likes any of the stuff I make, she can easily request it ;)
To all the mothers out there, especially the crocheting moms I know: Happy Mother's Day!

Now I really wasnt going to post about mother's day, but my dear son together with his g.f. picked a special gift for me: (I realized later that it was an advance gift coz dear g.f. will be going abroad on vacation)

It's awesome! I told my son, it is a great inspiration and a lovely addition to my collection...But I pointed out, I've had some of those same ideas used in my creations before. And our crochet here has always been lacy, since thread is mostly used. My son agrees and said we should look at the possibility of publishing my own book of designs...hehe...who knows?
First, I must learn more about Doris Chan and try to emulate her :)


  1. Happy early Mother's Day to you too!
    You do have two terrific sons.

    I love that book (a few errors in written patterns, use the schematic when in doubt). That's where my Shoop Shoop Capelet came from.

  2. Thanks Deneen!
    I did love that capelet you made, but I havent decided yet what to try first ;)

  3. I wish more crocheters would crochet with thread or finer yarn - but most do not. Doris Chan has a strong audience.

  4. It was quite frustrating not to find any thread project in the book.

  5. Anonymous06 May, 2007

    Well I think every Sunday should be Mother's Day, don't you? well, we deserve at least one more day for ourselves a year anyway. How nice of you son to make sure you got your gift. ;o)

  6. Nice book! You have an extensive collection of pattern books!
    Yes, rarely I see people crocheted using thread. And they are wondering why the result is bulky and not flatering :(

  7. Hi Sue, I only wish mom's day wasn't commercialized. I hate to think that we're pressured to give our moms a gift on a certain day, but we should surprise her anytime we think she needs it.
    Hi Lily, I think I need a new shelf, and surely I need my own craft room (sigh...)
    I now appreciate crocheting with thread esp. when making garments. I used to envy those who have different materials available, that work up fast. But now I dont mind spending a lot more time on the project if its going to look a lot better.

  8. What a nice gift from your son. They certainly know what mom wants. ;) I agree, they shouldn't commercialize it, you should honor your mother every day. :)

  9. Hi Tina, I was quite surprised at my son's gift. He and his g.f. really wants me to design some more so they bought me the book for inspiration ;)

  10. What a sweet son you have! I gotta agree about the "too commercialized" also.

  11. Hi Lucy! I'm sure we both know how sons are, and they do have their own sweet charming ways we cant resist ;)

  12. How sweet of your son and g.f to pick up your kind of gift. It looks like an amazing book but I think your designs are great too and yes , you should consider getting published ; ). You have the talent.
    Thread garments have a charm their own. I just love the delicate look of it.

  13. Thanks for saying that, Yasmin :)
    Early last year, I would not have told Coats I could design if you guys didn't give me all the positive feedback ;)


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