Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Crochet projects update

...still working on the diagrams for my latest design for Coats Manila Bay. Wish it didnt take me too long, but it did. I enjoy crocheting but, (sometimes) I hate writing the patterns and drawing the diagrams. Anyways, I'm eager to start on a new design after I finish everything for the skirt and top that I submitted.
They gave me a lacy stitch pattern, and I hope I'll be able to come up with a tunic top using that. A bikini set is also on the to-do list :p I was given these colorful threads to work with for the next projects ;)

And here so far, are my designs for Project Brave Kids (which I first mentioned in this post)
We are still teaching some of them the basics, but some are already producing finished goods.
I have been inspired to create these designs for the project.

Just want to show you samples of the coasters I made, 6 pcs. per set. Its fun making these small items ;)

Btw, my sister sent me a copy of the creative commons DVD. She said she got it from Lawrence Lessig himself, at a conference in Malta. The topic should very much concern us as artists, creators, and bloggers. Will have to watch the clips first and then I'll post my comments. But if you have time I recommend you see these video clips on Lessig's lectures.
Thanks sis for the goodies ;)


  1. Good luck with the pattern for the next idea. The colors are lovely.

  2. All the little coasters/motifs (?) look really nice. Is that yellow one your own coaster design? ;) It looks familiar. I love that design. I still haven't tried making some of my own yet.

    I hope it all goes well designing the next items, too.

  3. Thanks Deneen! The multicolors are such a challenge to work with.

    Thanks Tina! Yes, the yellow one is the coaster/doily design that will be in the 2008 crochet calendar. Now I modified it for our project - its a little smaller and I called it Sunshine coaster.

  4. What fun colors you get to work with! Oh the possibilities! =)

    Love the little coasters

  5. Thanks Kimberly!
    I'll be combining the multicolors with plain colors, and its quite hard to decide with too many choices :p

  6. So, does it mean you still continue designing for Coat?
    BTW, I love your sunshine coaster.

  7. Thanks Lily. Yes, I will still do a few more designs for Coats.

  8. helo adorei sua visita pena que nao comprendo o ingles mas adorei te ver comentando la amiga byby.


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