Thursday, September 06, 2007

Crochet hobby, crochet buddy

Today I met Gene, a new Crochet buddy in real life! She found me through my blog, and sent me an email. It was quite fortunate that she lives near my son's school, since she was very much interested in buying crochet supplies from me. Eager to get back to her crochet hobby, she bought a lot of materials and supplies in different stores, and she also bought some hooks and a cotton thread with metallic from me. I would love to see what Christmas project she will make from the metallic thread.
And here's one of her cute projects, made from my pattern:
Striped keychain purse

By the way, I would like to thank Carol in Illinois, for sending me some handsome yarns and lovely threads. I thought I had posted about this...I totally forgot, but I posted it on the wishlist thankyous at Crochetville. I just remembered this since Carol's husband is Filipino too, and they have plans to visit the Philippines.
I just thought how wonderful it would be to meet a crochet buddy from abroad ;)


  1. Yay! I got a spot in your blog! Thanks Mimi! as soon as I made one, I'll email it to you and ask some suggestions. :D

  2. How cool Mimi to have a crochet buddy near you.
    And Enjoy those lovely yarns and threads

  3. Cute little keychain fob!

  4. at last mimi! you have found a REAL LIFE crochet buddy! =) that's really wonderful!


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