Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's Friday already?

What have I done the whole week except rest, eat, crochet and pay attention to the broken toe? Not much, but yesterday morning I drove my younger son to school, since the older one didn't wake up early. I should not have dared to drive my car, since my left foot is still weak, and my broken toe hasn't fully recovered yet (bad move) so I came back very tired and took a while for me to get back in a relaxed mode.
I should take it easy, I takes much longer to heal as you get older. Initially, I was told to rest the foot completely for one week, and the injured part was immobilized with the slipper they gave me. I have taken the slipper off, since its been a week, and my whole leg is suffering because of its weight. I have read in several forums and sites that a broken toe heals from 6-8 weeks. I will just be a good girl and stay home for most of that time.
Anyways, also yesterday, the two ladies from Coats (Jackie and Jenny) visited me. They didn't know about my toe injury, but since they have been here before, they decided that we talk here in my place than meet somewhere else. They are also going to the mall nearby to check on the sales of Coats supplies.
We had a nice chat and I served pansit, puto and coke (thanks to my helper, who does the cooking and most of the chores here).
They admired my tunic design and took it already to show to their boss. But you'd have to wait later to see it, and that would take a while before it gets into the printed stage.
Btw, I still didn't get the royalty fee for the sale of my previous patterns, but that's just ok so I still have something to look forward to for later. I also anticipate payment for my latest design, plus several boxes of threads and some hooks...coming very soon :D

Can you believe its almost October?

ETA: I looked for pancit recipes and picture of how the pancit (or pansit) looks like. Pancit means fried noodles, and there are different kinds. We had the first one, pancit bihon.
Puto, is rice cake...and there are different kinds of puto also. We had a similar one, to the last pic shown on this page.
As for the Coke, that's what we call the Coca-cola bottled softdrink. I usually avoid it, but still serve it when I have visitors.


  1. Bought your hooks today. But could not find certain size. So, I can't ship it yet. I hope you don't mind.

  2. The picture makes me laugh! Where did you get that? I haven't bought your pattern yet as I have promised and now you're about to sell another one. Better take a lot of rest for your sensitive toe to rest so that we can meet again. By the way, where is that store that's on sale? I am looking for cotton yarns for my soon to projects and I haven't been to Megamall yet. Is it possible to order imported yarns from Coats Manila Bay?

  3. You better take it easy Mimi! Is it the foot you have to drive with, too? (I can't remember). Just be careful.

    What are pansit and puto? Coke, like the pop you drink, right? Did you happen to take a picture of the pansit and puto?

    I hope your pattern gets published soon.

    And, no. I can't believe it's almost October. Our four year old won't be four any more. He'll be five. :( I told him I'm going to stop feeding him, so he won't grow any more. ;P

  4. Oh my, Mimi!!! I didn't know you broke your toe, and I know this is really late, but I'm wishing you a quick recovery!
    I also thought "What a coincidence" because my son broke his big toe last year, and on Monday I have to take him to the last follow-up with his orthopedic doctor so I was thiking about "broken toe" a lot lately. :D Ok, this seriously is not funny, and it does take some months to heal so you need to stay off of your feet!!
    Just in case you are wondering - I've been busy teaching crochet a lot lately. :) Take care now.

  5. So sorry about your toe, Mimi. I hope you are taking it easy now and relaxing like you should be.

    I'm thinking of you often, even if I don't visit or keep in touch as I should :0)

    Take care!


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