Friday, March 21, 2008

Projects: 205 Crochet, 9 Knitting of last count on Ravelry. It really isn't much since some of it were made a long, long time ago.
Only recently did I took notice of the number of my projects when I saw the Prolific crocheters were shown on this page. So I realized, having a lot of crochet projects buried somewhere doesn't get you on the list, but posting it on your Ravelry notebook does.
Some of the projects I have just posted, were from a decade or two ago. Either I scanned an old photo, or I still have the project tucked in someplace. And not ever imagining that I would someday share the project in the future, I had a lot, more crocheted and sold or gifted projects without a photo :(

Here are some of my favorite old projects:

This one isn't really pretty, but its kinda cute and I love my sister's photo modeling it ;)
(I think this was in 1992)

I think this makeup purse is cute, but I don't remember using it :p

This simple mesh Toys hammock was very practical for my son no. 1 who loved animal toys. (1990)

Lastly, this top I made and wore in 1991:


  1. Hi
    I know this feeling, many of my projects finished before I got to Ravelry were gone, many of them to my friends, some were sold... and there were some I made and was so proud of and now I haven`t even got a photo of it :(

    well, now at least I remember to take a photo to have something...

    take care (I love your patterns for sale, when I will have time I`d probably get one of them...)

  2. My projects then were simpler, and most of it were from crochet magazines. But there were times I was so proud of my work ;)
    I knew designs could be improved a lot, but at that time I didn't know how. Now there are so many resources and inspiration, I seldom know where to start :p
    Thanks for stopping by, Jezzabell!

  3. That's awesome Mimi! The hammock looks really good and very practical. I noticed that most of the projects you made are all wearables. I still want to make something that I can wear proudly. Gosh, we really need to meet but my body clock won't allow me. I'm the type of a person who would only wake up at 5 in the afternoon.

  4. It´s great that you could track all your old projects, Mimi, and count them alltogether now! I wish I could too!

  5. Hi Gene, still on a graveyard shift? I suppose you can crochet at night then ;)
    With regards to wearables, I have mostly done it in easy, simple can do it too ;)

    Hi Vik! Yes, I love it how you can count and see all your projects on ravelry. But I sure wish I had pictures of the other gifted stuff I made a long time ago...

  6. Isn't it wonderful to be able to look back at your projects. I know for me some of them were just out of this

  7. You have been doing wearables for some time. Wow. I am just now venturing into them. It's great to see what you've made Mimi. :) I should make our five year old a hammock for his stuffed animals; but I don't think I could make one big enough.... (sigh) :P


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