Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Got my Crochet Calendar 2009!

Yay!! I received my crochet calendar today. Not one, but two copies :D
It was such a wonderful surprise - and promptly delivered by DHL! Last year in October, I was dismayed with the DHL delivery, and wrote about it on this post. This year, they surely made up for it ;)

I would like to thank Susan Ripley again, for being very helpful. I also think she did such a good job of compiling the patterns for this edition.

A careful look inside the calendar and I see these:
My designs, of course:
Multicolor sling purse, May 23-24
Poinsettia Coaster, December 7

My friends' designs:
Tina's Yo-yo key-ring critters, January 28
Tina's Piggy Bank, February 18-20
Deneen's Chunky-Brimmed Chapeau, February 28-March 1
Deneen's Mom's Favorite Scrubby Dishcloth, May 4
Deneen'sPerfectly Pretty Cotton Washcloth, December 1

Other designs that interest me:
Pamela Romeo's Baba Yaga's Bag, February 27
Paloma Parra's Lucky Lamb, March 4-5
Mette Buchreitz' Fancy Dishcloths, April 6
Jennie Lute's Bowling Set, April 9-10
Bernat's Tufted Floor Pillow , April 27
Mette Buchreitz' Friendship Bag, May 1-3
Tracie Barrett's Lanyard for ID or Keys, July 14-15
Bernat's Cool Poncho, August 17
Dorothy Hardy's Simple Ribbed Scarf, September 7
Paton's Brilliant Shawl, September 16
Bernat's Rib Bag, September 23-24
Mette Buchreitz' Santa, December 16-17

I noticed that the filler patterns in this calendar are from Lily, Bernat, Patons and Maggie's Crochet. I think I've seen most of it as free online patterns, except the ones from Bernat which look new.
All in all, I like this calendar more than the previous (2008) calendar.

For more information, to contribute designs or to purchase the calendar, please visit their website:


  1. I haven't received mine yet-weird, no? I had 3 patterns in it??? Now I am truly confused. Shows how slowly publishing truly is-I didn't remember two of them!

  2. congrats on the are a true TALENT!!! I'll definately have to get that calendar as I do every year!

  3. Thanks Lucy! I now have a growing collection of the CPAD, and truly enjoying it :)

    Hi Deneen! I think they go by an alphabetical list for sending the calendars.

  4. I've been meaning to get one of these calendars since they first started coming out. I'll have to try and get this one to check out your patterns. :-)

  5. Huh. I thought I left a comment but it isn't showing up? I haven't gotten my calendar yet, either. I'll have to wait til they get to P's, I guess... :P Congrats on yours, Mimi.

  6. congrats mimi! what can i say, it's to be expected. :D

  7. How nice! I have no idea if I would have to special order one to be shipped overseas or not. if I did, the shipping would probably equal the cost of the calendar,,,,


  8. Congrats Mimi! I recently submit one of my pattern also. It's knitting pattern though.


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