Friday, August 05, 2005

I live in Blogland!

I wasn't able to post for sometime because I was busy in my new home in Blogger! (No wonder the laundry is piling up!)

First of all, they have a "wishing well" and one can just throw in all the wishes she/he can think of and one day a "fairy" will grant a wish (or more if she has the powers). Well, last July 19 a "fairy" came out and granted what I most wished for. She ordered some of my threads, and more than that she became a friend! So to the first "fairy" I encountered at crochet blogs THANKS SO MUCH!!! (I can't say who she is according to the rules of the wishing well) You know who you're the best "fairy"!


  1. Being a fairy is so much fun! I love being able to help someone out and brighten up their day! And making some new friends via Crochetville is a bonus! *hugs*

  2. Yes, I really want to be a good fairy too! I know how it feels to be granted a wish, so I also hope to have the power to grant wishes. Many thanks Kimberly!


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