Friday, August 26, 2005

Thank you crochet fairy for the fun fur yarns!!!

Oh my, such lovely yarns! And I dont even know who was the Crochet Fairy who sent me these! All I know was that it was mailed from Brightwaters, N.Y. on Aug. 4.
So I couldnt send an email or private message to thank her personally, but I hope that she's looking at my blog! Thanks so much!!!


  1. Glad the yarn finally arrived. I was starting to get nervous they were lost. I hope its enough to make all your flip flops and anything else you want to make that requires fur yarn!! I have made many pairs or flip flops and quite a few scarves and love them. Enjoy!!! Always glad to help a fellow crochetviller!!!

  2. Yes, I think its enough to make gifts for my sis, mom and SIL and still have some more to make trims for bags and other items. You've just satisfied all my curiosity for fun fur yarns, they're just so lovely!!! Thanks again, crochetville fairy!!!


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