Monday, August 08, 2005

More crochet thread projects

These are the embellishments found on this pattern.I sewed it temporarily on a white t-shirt but I think I'm going to use it on a bag or hat. Update: Unfortunately, the Russian site where I got the pattern took it out from public view and probably has it for members only.

This thread is Cannon crochet cotton, with metallic gold thread added to it. I used a 1.75mm hook, and my own pattern.

This is a shawl in progress, though I think I'll make it into a scarf. I got the pattern from DMC. I like this pattern because it looks complicated but its quite easy, and it works up fast. I used size 8 cotton thread and 2mm. hook.


  1. Great job on all three Mimi! I really like the flower & leaf embellishments!

  2. You have many beautiful things, Mimi!

  3. Wow! A bracelet! A gold and red bracelet! ...I want one, too! Love, spoiled sis =)

  4. Do you really want one, sis? I think I can make a dozen more of those, but it would be better to add some beads because its so lightweight if using only thread =)

  5. Lovely little flowers. -Flourish


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