Saturday, August 27, 2005

Prism Bag project

My latest crochet project is the prism bag, from Lionbrand's free patterns. I used my local acrylic yarns and 5 mm. hook (which is as of now the biggest hook I have), so I crocheted it with two strands of 4-ply acrylic yarn to create a sturdy fabric. I also had to adjust the pattern, adding more rows as required to achieve the right size.

Here are some photos of what I did.

These are the plastic lids for the handles. I don't have coffee can lids so I used the lids of disposable containers. I cut out the inner part to make a ring.

I made 110 sc's on the ring to make the handle.
Before I crocheted, I inserted a nylon cord inside the rim to prevent the plastic from cracking and also to have a softer grip.

This is the finished bag without any closure and lining. I added a butterfly embellishment from this pattern. I also added flowers which I made from my own pattern. But looking at it again, I think the butterfly decor is enough to make the bag interesting! I think I'll remove the flowers.

I like the design of this bag, it is stylish and practical. It doesn't even need to have a lining and closure. I'm sure the lionbrand yarn used in the pattern will make a much more fashionable bag. But since I used my local acrylic yarns and I'm very satisfied with the result, I would also recommend it! I used up almost 18 skeins of yarns, crocheting with two strands held together.


  1. Wow i love this bag!!!

  2. Thanks for your comments Angie, I also love this bag pattern from lionbrand! I'd like to see other versions of this bag, the design is easily adaptable to any kind of thick yarn.

  3. I forgot to mention that I like this purse, too. I think I'm getting back into making purses again, thanks to you! ;)

  4. This one is much prettier than the one on the Lion Brand website.

  5. thanks to you mimi, i got a lot information from your blog. more inspirations are coming for my crochet project. thanks


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