Saturday, January 07, 2006

Garnstudio free patterns in english - Links

Garnstudio has made such a wonderful development in its effort to provide everyone fashionable patterns using their fashionable yarns - they've now published hundreds of their free patterns in english! Though most of the patterns are knitted, there are definitely some lovely items done in crochet.
I'll be on the lookout for those crochet patterns and compile the links here.
Update: Garnstudio continuously updates its website and now has a general category for crochet patterns in english. Around 60+ patterns listed to date, though some are actually knitted or have only crochet trims.

Here are the direct links :)
Shawl in Eskimo with love knots and flower
Shawl in Vivaldi with Rosette in Eskimo
Skirt in Karisma Superwash
Pullover in Tynn Chenille
Cardigan in Muskat
Another Cardigan in Muskat
Lacy cardigan in Muskat
Cardigan in Camelia
Cardigan in Cotton Viscose
Granny Cardigan in Tynn Chenille and Muskat
Cardigan in Ull-Flame' and Bag in Puddel
Cardigan (with knitted sleeves) in Eskimo
Pullover in Karisma Superwash and Vivaldi,
Beret and Purse in Eskimo
Crochet trim on Pullover
Bikini and Hat in Safran
Bikini Top and Knitted Skirt in Muskat
Sweater in Muskat
Another Sweater in Muskat
Top in Safran
Top in Den-M-Nit
Halter in Safran
Knitted top in Safran with crocheted flower squares
Crochet dress in Karisma
Crochet jumper with knitted rib in Eskimo
Neck Warmer in Eskimo, Vienna and Glitter
Scarf in Eskimo
Hat in Eskimo
Another Hat in Eskimo
Crochet hat and scarf in Highlander
Hat with pompoms
Hat in Alaska and Boa in Eskimo, Puddel and Vivaldi
Knitted hat with crochet flowers in Karisma and Eskimo
Rosette in Eskimo
Rose in Eskimo
Scarf with Rosette in Eskimo
Rose in Vivaldi
Crochet flowers in Highlander and Eskimo
Long Scarf in Eskimo
Hat and scarf (knitted) in Eskimo
Hat in Alaska, Eskimo and Fox
Hat in Muskat
Hat in Paris
Hat in Safran
Hat in Puddel and Eskimo
Scarf in Karisma Superwash
Scarf made of crochet stars in Alpaca
Flower Scarf in Eskimo
Mittens in Eskimo
Purses in Bomull-lin and Muskat or Vienna
Toddler Hat in Safran
Toddler Hat in Cotton Chenille

More free patterns links from Garnstudio

My garnstudio free patterns projects:

Flower motif top done with this pattern.



  1. thanks for the link Mi, as i don't know how to view the patterns at the site itself.

  2. Wow Mimi, that is a lot of work to put up all those links, that was nice of you!! I have been to this site, it is overwhelming how many patterns they have for free!
    Fe, I think all you do is click on the link under the picture for the pattern (I was clicking on the picture itself), if you still didn't know...

  3. Hi Stacie, thanks for visiting!

    Hi Tina and Fe!
    :D there are tons of patterns really, its hard to find the ones we're "interested" in. I'm glad if this compilation will be of help to anyone.

  4. some great parrens - thank you for sharing the links.

  5. Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy! Tee-Hee. Thank you sooooooooo much for taking the time to put up those links to the free patterns. You have made your way into my favorite blog sites just for that. I found a gorgeous white top from crochet cotton I can't wait to get started on tomorrow and so many more I can't put it all down here. I just love cotton. It isn't for tablecloths anymore. You are just awesome! You can search for my blog on Blogger if you like, it's CrochetAndSoVeryMuchMore

  6. Don't know why my old name for site came up, hmmmmm.

  7. Hi, thanks for your comments Elaine! I hope you will post a photo when you have finished a project from Garnstudio designs :)
    I went to your site but its not available...


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