Monday, January 23, 2006

I got another baby!!!

What a cute baby!!! Her name is Ijendu (hope I spelled it right, and I dont know how to pronounce that either!)
My sister (who is in UK) got the headband and booties I made and sent it to her bf in Europe. Her bf gave it to his niece, and he also took this photo.
The booties is my new design which I plan to sell.

Take another look at this cute baby!


  1. Hi! I hope one (or all) of my kids can be your model.

  2. haha...stage father! Ok, I can send you some booties and mittens or whatever I can come up with. I will only ask for photos in return. But dont be expecting it soon because I have yet to finish writing my patterns and advertising it. Besides, there's another baby waiting for her booties, cap and mittens. hehe...

  3. Hi, sis!

    Ijendu means "journey of life" and yup, you got her name right. =)

    Your creations are being admired and appreciated in all corners of the world! How cool is that...

  4. Thanks for the compliment, sis!
    I just have to say Ijendu's photos really make me smile everytime I look at her!

  5. Hi Mi!wow! you now have baby models for your creations. they're so cute.

  6. Yes, they are :D
    Thanks for your comment, Fe!

  7. Awwwww... :)
    Your work and those babies... they are just adorable!!!

  8. Thanks Chie! Yes, babies are so adorable, (at least, half of the time they are!)


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