Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Printable Crafts - mini books

I made these a few years ago and forgotten the site where I printed it from, so I searched it again on the web. It wasnt that hard to find but I thought I'd share it here for some who might find it interesting. I think it would make some nice thoughtful little gifts ;)

Printable mini books
Printable boxes and cards


  1. Those are great boxes and books, Mimi. (We are out of printer ink though so I will have to wait to print some out.) I have made little boxes out of different papers for craft projects with the boys, before. It's in one of my books. I love doing things like that. Of course, I am usually the one left finishing the project while they go off and play, though. ;) Thanks for the links, though. Maybe we'll do those in the future.

  2. That is an interesting project to do mimi. Thanks for the idea.

    Ideas are pouring...
    Graphics in mind...
    But when...
    When will I
    Find the time
    To sit down
    And do it?
    To do or not to do?
    To buy or not to buy?
    I think for now
    I'll just click
    And read
    or take a look
    At mimi's works. ;)

  3. Thanks for visiting, Tina and CL ;)

    Yes, there's not enough time to do all this interesting stuff. (But CL can make up a poem in a wink!)

    I put it in my blog just so I will not forget where to look for it when I need it.


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