Monday, January 02, 2006

Scarfs for fashion and warmth

I made these scarves several weeks ago and its only now that I got nice photos of it. Of course its because I have a nice model ;) My dear sister came home for the holidays and will soon be back to brave the cold weather (and everything else) in the UK. Thanks sis for posing for me!

This one I crocheted using two strands of cotton thread size 8 (3 balls of natural shade) and a 3.5 mm hook. I used the same pattern as I did on my twisted wrap. I liked working with the cotton yarn no. 5 though, it is softer than using 2 strands of cotton thread. But I dont have anymore of that cotton yarn :(

A warmer scarf done in my local acrylic yarns using my pal Tina's lunatic fringe scarf pattern. The colors and the style is most suitable for men. My sister likes it also for it complements her wardrobe.

A lovely fur scarf I made with 2 skeins of fun fur (one in "hot pink" and the other in "tropical" prints) I got from my fun fur fairy.
I crocheted the two fur strands together using 10mm hook. The pattern is 6 scs per row crocheted on back loops only. I crocheted until I run out of yarn.

A scarf knitted in boucle yarn I got from the yarn swap ( thanks Cordelia!). I knitted it with my biggest needles size 5 mm in 16 sts, knitting all rows (garter st). Boucle is soft and cuddly, and made up for my inexperience in knitting. My sister liked it so much, it was her christmas present from me! But I gave her all the other scarfs as well ;)


  1. Wow! I love them all mimi but my first choice would be the top one, my kindda color. Wool scarf and a matching hat would be great for Ottawa's terrible winter.

    ...and gloves and vest too lol.

  2. Wow! You have been busy! I especially like the 'Lunatic Fringe' scarf. ;p Actually, I like the pink fur scarf, it looks so full and pretty. Your sister will have lots of scarves to choose from to keep her warm!

  3. I really like the white one Mimi, it's really cute =)

  4. are you selling them on ebay? actually pang amazon sila.

  5. Wow Mimi, you've really been busy! :D
    All of them are beautiful... but I must say my favorite is the Boucle scarf. :)
    You make me want to make some scarves!

  6. Thank you all for your comments!!!
    I wanted to make some to sell, but I "donated" all to my sis ;) Will see if I can make some more...

  7. Hi, Sis!!!

    The gorgeous scarves and I arrived in UK safely last night. =) The long flight was bearable cuz the plane food was ok! Hehe.

    It's great to read the previous comments. Each scarf is so pretty and unique that it's bound to have its own share of 'fans'.

    Take care! Regards to JC and Tophs.

  8. Thanks Sis! I'm glad you've settled comfortably there. Take care and keep sending me emails and pics!

  9. they all nice to me, Mimi

  10. Very, very nice, Mimi. The top and bottom ones are my favorites :)

  11. Thank you all!
    Nice to see you here again, Jaye!


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