Sunday, January 22, 2006

Threads for sale and other stuff

I've got no crochet work to show off yet :(
I'm working on a bag, I'm excited how it will turn out, but I ran out of yarn! I have to wait two more long days for my yarn..! (I can understand how Tina feels with all her yarn left in Michigan!) I do have lots of yarn from the yarn swap and secret pal gifts, but I'm still waiting for the right project to come up for those.

Meanwhile, I finally advertised my Cannon and Anchor threads for sale at crochetville, after weeks of planning, doing all the hardwork of researching, taking photos and uploading and designing my blog and taking up other important matters. It feels good to be able to see what you have worked hard for, and to say "I did this all by myself"! But of course, I couldnt have done it without the support of special friends. But I have to say, its really encouraging when help comes unexpectedly.
I just got endorsed by Deneen, and its a big help for my business, just what I needed, thanks so much Deneen!

Also, (not really worth mentioning but for lack of anything to blog about)I got two letters from two yarn companies in Ontario, Canada:
First, I wrote Bernat yarns about my matrix purse pattern, and they said they have their own design dept. and its not their practice to purchase patterns outside the company.
I am pleased with their response, they really read my letter and took the time to send me their reply.
Second, I listed for free fur yarn samples from Paula Lishman Fur Yarn. Here is what I got. Its so soft and luxurious! (And it costs a fortune to buy some!) If what they say is true, I dont think they are harming the animal species. Wild fur trapping they say is the livelihood of thousands of northerners in Canada. They get furs from plentiful fur-bearing species. I can just imagine if the wild animal population isnt controlled there, the people might become extinct!


  1. I finished the Matrix bag and it looks great! Terrific pattern!

  2. Thanks for saying that Deneen!

  3. Yes, sniff, I do miss my yarn...
    Too bad Bernat didn't want the pattern, but at least you tried. You go through a lot of 'rejection' sometimes, but then you get 'lucky' sometimes too. You just have to keep trying. Maybe you can sell it on that site now you told me about.


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