Monday, June 05, 2006

Bullion Stitch Pincushion

Yesterday, I made this lovely pincushion from Kathy's wonderful pattern. I saw her lovely creation at the forum and immediately asked her if I could test it. I was a bit scared because I had never done a bullion stitch. I tried before, but had only gotten frustrated. Now, with Kathy's pattern and words of encouragement, I gained some confidence and was surprised that I could actually make it with my regular hooks :) Also, I used only small amounts of size 8 threads and scrap fabric.
My bullion stitches look quite different, but I know its because of the hook (I used size 2 IMIA steel hook). Learning the technique is what matters and this was surely a wonderful learning experience :D

To see more of Kathy's creations and purchase her lovely designs, visit her website.


  1. I had some difficulty with the bullion stitch initially. But then finally got the hang of it and it seems fun to do now. I cannot see your picture of the pin-cusion here, but I did look it up at the forum and it's so pretty! I'm sure yours would be just as lovely!

  2. Really beautiful.
    I prefer thin bullions and it gives a more professional "sign"
    It's a lovely flower for the home,not needing any water .
    Thanks for sharing

  3. That is absolutely beautiful! I saw this at the forum, too. I have never asked to test any of Kathys' patterns. I would love to test one of her doilies, but... I guess I am afraid to ask. And anyway I have enough testing to do right now, as it is. ;) I did do the buollion stitch but only just this year, since the 2006 CPAD calendar came out (one of the afghan squares in it had that stitch.) It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

  4. Lovely, Mimi! I've never tried this stitch before, but you've given me the inspiration the try it in the not-too-distant future.

  5. Thank you all for your comments!
    Yasmin, yes, I also think now that its a lot of fun ;) Hope you share your projects too, using the bullion stitch...
    Ulla, it does make a lovely decor for the home, wish I can fill my house with crochet work as pretty as this pincushion ;)
    Tina, I was afraid to ask too, since she didnt call for pattern testers, I really wasnt expecting anything. I was sure I wanted to try, so I guess I was lucky ;)
    Maybe now we could do a CAL with bullion stitches :D
    Jaye, you've heard it here, it is quite easy once you get the hang of it ;)
    I hope Kathy offers the pattern for free, so anyone can try it ;)

  6. It's so cute! I love to crochet, but unfortunately my blog is in swedish...

  7. Thank you, Rosmy! You have a nice blog, wish I can understand Swedish ;)

  8. Thank you, Rebecca! It was such a lovely design from a talented artist.


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