Sunday, June 04, 2006

Crochet Stuff

I got these from a private swap with Barb from Canada. (Sorry for the late posting...) Thank you Barb! I love the cotton yarns, the dishcloth and the card you sent :D I love the soft, natural look of the cotton and also its lovely variegated shades!

I bought this Japanese crochet book in Hongkong. I wasnt able to find other crafty stuff except this, when we chanced upon a Japanese bookstore :p
This had several crochet tops and a few knitted ones. A bit outdated, but I could use it for inspiration in coming up with my own designs ;)

Here's a sleeveless top with crochet trim I bought in HK. I intended to buy a crochet cardigan or bolero, but the ones I wanted were too pricey, and the other ones were made from itchy yarn. We really didnt have much time to go around and shop, so this was the only crochet item I got. This was made from fine thread.(For a closer view of the stitches click here.)

I got this skirt from a store which sells mostly handmades. There were a lot of crocheted items, but as I mentioned, were too pricey. This skirt was handwoven from India.
I talked a little with the storeowner, I asked her if she might be interested to buy my crochet pieces. I'm not really sure she understood me well as she doesnt speak english fluently. I got her email and intend to show her some pics of my finished items.

This is the 4th necklace of the same design from Rachel's patterns. I gave another one out today, to my friend Jeng, when she came over. She picked the pink one too!


  1. The whole outfit with the necklace looks lovely...I love the color combo. Just saw your pics of HK....looks like you had a great time...and all with your cool!

  2. I love your new clothes! Did you pick them to go together? And the necklace is my favorite one so far. I may have to try that pattern, since you keep showing us all your beautiful work. :) I hope you'll be able to sell some things in her store, that would be so nice!!

  3. Wonderful clothes and I love your beautiful necklaces.I'm also going to do some necklaces from a pattern I saw on the shop.Different beads ,different colours and different forms.I'll buy material tomorrow.So inspired.

    Have a nice week and thank you for the lovely pictures from your vacation

  4. Thank you so much Lucy, Tina and Ulla!
    Lucy, we do have similar taste in color ;) Yes, I had a great vacation with my family, am so thrilled to share my pics with you all :D
    Tina, thanks for noticing, I did pick everything to go together, in this outfit.
    Also, I mostly bought black, green and white and a little of other colors so that I could mix and match ;)
    Ulla, I'm glad you liked my crocheted jewelry. I cant wait to see what you make from lovely beads, materials and pattern that you have ;)

  5. I'm glad you like the cotton can't wait to see what you make :)

  6. Hi Barb! Would love to work on it soon as I finish some of my projects with size 8 thread ;)

  7. thanks so much mimi for the necklace and goodies!

    it was difficult to choose coz they were all so nice. wanted to grab them all(together with the japanese pattern book and some balls of thread), run to my car and drive off! lol! oopppsss but your BIG dog was outside your

    tks for a great time last sunday. but had to get away from all those threads tempting me to bring them home.


  8. You're very welcome, Jeng! Thanks for coming over to my house, I didnt want to tempt you into buying my threads, but you wanted to look...hehe... ;)


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