Saturday, June 17, 2006

What I've been crocheting...

Hi! I looked at my last post and wonder, why its been more than a week and I dont have anything to post about! But I've been crocheting everyday at least 4 hours a day, maybe even more. And some of that time is spent writing out the pattern. So as much as I would like to show you all my WIP or my finished designs, I couldnt. But I'm just so happy that I could say its all coming soon (or maybe, later)...
I will now dig up pictures of projects that I've not shown in my blog yet. These were already in my archives ;)

This is a top I made with Cannon threads, in natural color. I gave this one to my sis when she was in college, so this one was washed several times already. I didnt have a pattern for it, I just winged a pattern design I saw on a cover. I really didnt like the sleeves, I wasnt good in figuring out those before, so there wasnt much shaping on this top.

This is another item I made for my sis to wear in school. I think she wore it a couple of times... I got the pattern from this book, but I wasnt able to make it as nice as the model because I had a diff. gauge.

And here's a mesh hat and bag that I did for my sis too, it matches her colored beach outfits. Both were made from free online patterns, just couldnt remember where :P

Lastly, here's a toddler top I made I think it was from a Crochet Fantasy magazine. This was made more than 15 years ago! My son liked it, but I think I made the sleeves too tight, so he only wore it a few times as we struggled to put it on and take it off!


  1. WOW - I love all your stuff, especially the white top, it is a classic! Beautiful!!!

  2. Really nice stuff ,Mimi. The toddler's top is adorable, pity it didnt get worn much. Your sister is so lucky to have crochet all these lovelies for her.

  3. Thank you, Yasmin! yes, it had not been so rewarding making the nautical top...actually I was just afraid then to tweak the pattern, so I strictly followed it ;) Turned out the body was loose and sleeves were tight :p

  4. Wow Mimi. That white top is great! Maybe some day I will get good enough to just wing it. ;p Everything is wonderful; the beach hat and bag, and the nautical shirt.

    And congratulations on your sons' winning the medal! (Is that table tennis or what we call 'Ping Pong'? It looks like it to me, anyway...

  5. Love the white top and congrats to your son....Mimi please tell me that you are no where near that Valcano...I saw it on the news last night and im worried about you :(

  6. Thank you all so much for the compliments on my work ;)

    Tina, I'm sure you'll be winging it soon if you have done a lot of crocheting like I did ;)
    Yes, its table tennis and we also call it ping-pong :D

    Shaylen, thanks for thinking of me, I am nowhere near an active volcano. I am in the city and thank God we're not hit by natural disasters here ;)

  7. The tops and the hat, I like it, it's pretty. Beige color and 3/4 sleeves would be perfect.

  8. Very, very nice things! I especially love the white top and the hat, Mimi, and the toddler sweater is just too, too cute!

  9. Thanks, CL! Yes, beige and 3/4 sleeves is nice, I wish I could whip one up. Havent made anything new to wear myself, but I hope for the holidays I'll be able to ;)

    Thanks, Jaye! I made those before I was on the internet, and I didnt think I would be sharing it now... I'm so happy to hear nice comments ;)

  10. Elizabeth O.20 June, 2006

    Hi Mimi,
    Beautiful crochet stuffs as always you have here. Off topic, BTW, I got your mail today and would like to thank you again. Maraming salamat kabayan. Padala ako ng mga yarns dyan pag may time ako. God bless you and your family.

  11. Hi Elizabeth, your welcome for the pattern, it was just a little present from me. Hope to hear from you again and show me your projects too ;)

  12. That white top is gorgeous! I'm looking for a pattern like that for a summer top. I found one at a festival I was just at but it's knitted...I love a challenge tho.

  13. Thank you, Lucy!
    I'm sure you'll be able to make yourself a top, be it crocheted or knitted ;)


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