Friday, June 16, 2006

Proud Mommy

This doesnt come often, and ever since I've been blogging, I seldom have these proud mommy posts.
Last week, my son in high school gave me this medal, he won it in a team event. He said it wasnt much, because the team that they beat wasnt all that good :p Anyway, I told him that he put a lot of effort being in the team and representing his school and that in itself, I'm proud of :D


  1. Congratulations! It feels wonderful to see our kid's medals, makes you want to cry with joy!! Funny, recently my blog is filled with Mommy moments!!!!

  2. Yes, I almost cry in joy seeing them achieve something, more so when they were still kids. So its not at all unusual, Yasmin, to write more about your mommy moments ;)

  3. Congrats go to your son on his medal!

  4. Huge, huge congrats to your son on his accomplishment! \O/

    (proud mommy moments are always very wonderful to see)

  5. Thank you, Kimberly and Jaye!

    I always feel that their accomplishments (and their failures as well), are also mine...


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