Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crochet Update

Here is a hat, hot and fresh from my hook. I found a very cute free pattern from Crochet Garden.
The reason I was looking for a hat pattern is that my sister ordered one from me. She's going to send it to her boyfriend's sister, who has a darling daughter. Now the one I made for them is on its way, its a different color. But I couldnt resist making another one, since I've changed the pattern at the brim (simplified it) and wanted to keep my version of it. I made this one with my Anchor size 8 cotton thread in two strands. (I also made one in orange see here)

Another hot item I would like to show is my soon to be halter top design. Here's my first attempt at it, the top part is like a bikini. This turned out big, its probably a large size. I'm not sure yet how I will continue after this. I'll just experiment some more.


  1. The halter top looks great. And the hat is so adorable. Your sisters' boyfriends' sisters' daughter?? will love it!! LOL (I couldn't remember...) Someones' little girl, right? ;) (I need more coffee, I'm not awake yet..) I'm going to go look at the picture.

  2. Cute hat!
    Sexy halter!

  3. You did a great job in the design of that halter top. That would make a nice start to some sexy lingerie also.

  4. love both the hat and halter top!

    now i know why you have been quite busy these past weeks. cant wait to see your other creations!

  5. Ooooo, Mimi! That's one sexy halter, wowza! Very pretty choice of colours too. The hat is simply adorable & I'm sure the recipient will get much joy out of it. Excellent work as always :)

  6. Thank you for my presents! I love them :)


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