Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm back!

Well, you didn't even notice I was gone...but we didn't have internet connection for 48 hrs.! I don't think anyone missed me...hehe...but I'm back now.

Thanks for the well wishes for my broken toe, I think its going to be ok now. I am going to get back on my own two feet (literally and figuratively) by tomorrow.
I'm going to be meeting with the Coats Manila Bay in-house designer, and hopefully she has some good news for me regarding my designs.

I don't have anything new to show her except the finished tunic top (that I havent shown here on my blog)...

Meanwhile, I am still working on the same project now, kept working on it the past few days and not begun anything else. I think I'm 80% done:


  1. Good morning Mimi! So tomorrow you´ll get the white thing out from the foot? I hope it doesn´t hurt. Would it be better if you stay quiet at home until tomorrow?

    Everything will be ok at the Manila Coats meeting, have faith in you. The tunic looks beautiful!

  2. I hope everything goes well with the doctors' office visit. Just don't try to overdo it now though. :)

    The tunic does look great and I hope everything goes well at the Coats meeting, too!

  3. It looks great, Mimi. So I think you will have good news tomorrow :)

  4. Wow, you sound so alive! The tunic looks good and I just love black though its really hard to work with it. Is this the same design that you showed before with a preview that you didn't like the color?

  5. :0( No one notices when I'm gone for a month. Don't feel bad if you're only missing for 48 hours.

    hehe! I'm sure everyone missed you dearly!


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