Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Baby Crochet Items - Free patterns

I found some more free crochet patterns for baby items
There are several on Adriafil site from Ditto & Rovescio no. 42
I have already made one hat from the above magazine:

...sorry, I can't remember if I used 2mm or 2.5mm hook for this. If you look at the baby projects page on the above link, you'll see two baby hat patterns which look similar. I used both patterns, I think I used the Hat "Formentera" for the top of the hat and the Hat "Giava" for the brim. Since I did not use the suggested yarn, the hat turned out small...I don't know if it is appropriate for a newborn.
Here's how it compares to my baby hat, which is size 0-3mos.:

And here are two more online patterns from Martha Stewart website:
Baby Booties
Crocheted Baby Blanket and Ball


  1. I had no idea that Martha Stewart had Crochet patterns on her site. I never go there anymore. She is a drab, but I will check out the patterns.

    I love that hat it's adorable! I'll have to check out that site as well. Thanks Mimi~

  2. Hi and thanks for stopping by, Kelly.
    I love the hat too, so I made one even though I don't have anyone in particular to give it to.
    Just remember that Adriafil patterns are based on English terms...

  3. I love the hat Mimi.Thanks for the links too Mimi,I love that you give so many links.

  4. I'm glad you like it Pearlin!...what would I do without my blog and crochet friends - its so much fun to share ;)

  5. Thanks for putting the links here Mimi. Everytime I feel like crocheting and want to find some inspiration, I also go to your site. :D

  6. I like your hat better. I printed that baby ball and afghan pattern out a long time ago. Before the *prison incident* LOL ;)

  7. Thanks Gene!

    Tina, I didn't know those MS patterns were that old ;)


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