Saturday, July 22, 2006

Crocheted Scrunchie with Beads

I've had this scrunchie pattern for years, have made dozens before and sold or gave it away. Now I decided to make some again. I was inspired by some cute beads I bought a week ago in a craft store at the mall. I know its more expensive there, but I only needed a handful.
By the way, I was at the mall to view the exhibit of needlecrafts contest winners put up by Coats Manila Bay. I saw the beautiful crocheted tablecloths and wonderful cross-stitched and framed wall decors that won the top prizes. I intended to share some photos, but unfortunately I forgot to bring my camera :(
I thought I shouldnt go home empty-handed, since I drove that far, so I decided to stop by the craft store and buy a little something.
Anyway, here are the two scrunchies that I made. Pattern can be found here.
July 28 - Edited to add one more scrunchie made ;)

More scrunchies here.

Here I put on the purple one and tried hard to get a good shot of it ;)


  1. I like your scrunchies! I used to wear them a lot when my hair was really long, but I hardly have enough hair to put in one now. ;p

    Anyway they are pretty and I like the beads. They add little sparkles to the hair scrunchies. :)

  2. Thanks Tina! The scrunchies I made before sold well in a bazaar stall. I really intended not to overdo with the beads, and I was content with it ;)

  3. They´ll be in my projects waiting list! ;)

  4. With my super long hair, those are definate accessories for me...thanks, Mimi!

  5. Thanks Vik and Lucy! I do hope you make some scrunchies too. I think my pattern can work with most type of yarns ;)


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