Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Snowflakes made from cotton threads with metallics

I think its about time to be making some snowflakes, so we'll have plenty by the holidays. I looked at the free patterns at Crochet Pattern Central and picked several that I really liked.
Here's the first two:

Pattern - Snowflake #3 from Aly Hymel
I used Cannon, size 8 thread, with size 6 hook (1.4mm) for the one on the left and Anchor, size 10, also with size 6 hook for the one on the right. Anchor thread with metallic Cannon thread with metallic. Both cotton threads had a metallic thread woven in it. It takes a little practice to get used to working with the threads, sometimes it gets tangled or the hook gets stuck on the metallic. But after a while, you can learn how to work on it as regular thread. I was pleased working with both the Cannon and Anchor and the items made look lovely ;) Using the same size hook can result in approximately the same measurement, but the Anchor size 10 will be lighter and lacier.

Above photo shows the same snowflake #3 from Aly Hymel, and the one on the right is a Snowflake pattern from Yule Family Christmas site
Both were made from Cannon with metallic thread, size 8, using size 6 hook.

WIP: Snowflake Ornament from Lee's World


  1. They came out beautifully (as always).

  2. hi mimi!!!
    love those snowflakes! that is a nice gift idea this christmas. will use the cannon metallic thread i bought from you last month.

    i have to visit you one of these days to buy some of the anchor metallic threads and get a copy of your manila bay coats pattern (autographed please). but please stop me when i buy so much. lol

  3. Those are beautiful :) I want to make some too.

  4. Thank you Deneen, Tina, Jeng and Samantha!
    I would love to see your snowflakes too ;)

  5. As always, just beautiful, Mimi.

  6. very pretty Mimi!!!!

  7. Thank you Raquel! I'm looking forward to see your snowflakes made with Anchor thread ;)

  8. Very nice snowflakes!


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