Monday, July 10, 2006

Crochet Update

Hi! Recently, I had the urge to pull out some old crochet stuff that I stacked up on the highest shelf of my closet, several years ago. I posted some pictures here.
And there's another toy I rediscovered, its a stuffed dumbbell. I just made it up one day, when my son got tired of his old toys. Now I thought of recreating it and writing up the pattern. Then, an idea popped into my mind... I was going to make another toy to accompany it... Here's what I made:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Materials: 4-ply WW yarn,
about 40 meters per toy
Crochet Hooks: 3mm, and 4mm
Finished Measurements:
Dumbbell - approx. 5 1/2" tall
O ring - approx. 5" in diameter

Update: the pattern is still available, just click on the buy now button at the sidebar. The pattern includes instructions for dumbbell and O ring. The price is only $1.75

I would like to thank Tina and Rachel for helping me out with this. Thanks so much!

More baby crochet stuff here.

A new sack bag

Here's my current WIP, its a new and different version of my previous free sack bag pattern. (Incidentally, I'll be putting that one up again on my free patterns when this new sack bag is out for sale.) For now, I just tried on the old bag's drawstring cord to see how it looks. I'm beginning to like it now, I can see its potential... I'm going to have to make another style of a handle strap for this ;)


  1. Mimi you take allways nice surprises from your closet! ;)

    Love you current project! It´s cool!

  2. Very nice and so original!!! :)

  3. I had fun making this, Mimi. I plan to make at least two more sets, too. Thank you, for letting me test it for you!! ;) I like the bag so far, too.

  4. The toys are adorable, Mimi, and I love the bag. Oh! The halter top it's just gorgeous! You've really been busy, huh?

  5. Mimi, this is one cute bag. You have great ideas , girl!


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