Friday, July 14, 2006

Thank You

Today I got a package from Kathy. It took quite a while, as it sometimes does, but finally its here ;)
Thanks so much Kathy, for thinking of me to send these threads and hooks, all carefully packed. The Flora size 20 threads are so smooth and silky, and I'm sure its so nice to work with. I love the variegated peach and white combination. And now I can practice some more on the bullion stitch with these inline hooks!...Can't wait to try these with one of Kathy's designs ;)

I would also like to thank you all for regularly visiting my blog and for your comments especially on my new designs, it inspires me more.
I did not make this bolero, though, I bought it several months ago in a mall here. I just used it for inspiration to be able to come up with my own designs. Incidentally, when I looked at the motifs, I noticed that those were the same motifs I saw in a Leisure Arts pattern booklet from my then secretpal, Tina. (Here it is at the back cover) The flowers were done differently, though. So, the main thing I learned from this is how to use square motifs to make a bolero :p


  1. Mimi

    I loved your small toys so much .Good design and a very nice work and useful as a present as I don't have small children.

    Now I''m looking forward what you are going to do of the silky yarn.I made a little doily in turqouise.Just now I'm knitting wristwarmers and doing a bag.

    Yes I can understand some of our friends have a very hard time.I really feel so sorry for the violence in the world and for all friends living in fear.

  2. What a nice gift from Kathy! I never thought to send you threads, since it seems you have a lot...

    And I like that bolero! I didn't notice it has the same motifs as the booklet I sent you. How neat. And you are so pretty! :)

  3. Anonymous15 July, 2006

    I can't wait to see what you make with your new thread. Have fun!

  4. Like Sue, can´t wait to see what your magic hooks will do with the new thread! ;)

  5. Thanks Ulla, Tina, Sue and Vik!
    How I wish I can start on Kathy's patterns right away. Now I would have to work on the diagrams/charts of my patterns first...


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