Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Time for another Update ;)

Story here.
Before my intended post, I would like to condemn the terrorist bombings in Mumbai. To Raquel, Yasmin, Vims and Swapna...this is terrible, I hope you and your loved ones are safe. This shouldnt happen anywhere. Even here in my country, they are now more alert, fearing that commuter trains can possibly be bombed by terrorists.

Back here at home
There are no classes in schools today, because of the harsh weather.

These bamboo branches just outside our fence are swaying in different directions.

There's no storm here, but sudden onset of strong winds and rain... I decided to stay home, so I just postponed going to the P.O. to mail an order and some little presents. I was also supposed to get a package, I think its a crochet-related present.

Looking at our backyard, I noticed some Rambutan fruits are getting ripe and the tree promises a lot of this delicious fruit in the weeks to come.

Bag Finished!
Now on to a sneak preview of my new bag design.
Sorry, I had to keep the photo small, since this isnt for sale yet.

This is a bigger and better version of a sack bag. Its my favorite to make simply because I dont need to sew a zipper for its closure! The crocheted drawstring cord and the handle are from my own, original pattern. Of course the body shaping is my own design too, and I've not seen anything similar done in crochet.
I've not tried the pattern with acrylic yarn, but since I used 4mm hook for this cotton bag, I know that WW acrylic will work to the approx same measurement.


  1. I hope you keep safe and dry!

    I adore the newest bag creation!

  2. Thanks Mimi for thinking of me.All my friends in Mumbai are safe .

    The love the bag you've made.

  3. Mimi...I'm catching up on my blog reading finally. I love the finished halter and the bag you made. Please let me know when they are for sale.

  4. I mailed Swapna, and thank God she´s ok.

    I told I LOVE your sack back. Now with the new pic, I repeat it! ;)

  5. I saw that on the news, it is sickening. It makes my stomach turn. It can happen anywhere now, like you said. :(

    Can you eat that rambuten (?) fruit?! That is so cool!! I've never seen that kind of fruit before. All we have is apples, cherries, bananas, oranges...

  6. I love the bag Mimi :)

  7. cherrycola13 July, 2006

    It is very sad that bombings still take place in this day and age. Over here, it's been one year since the tube station bombings. Survivors still keep in touch in a support group.

    The bamboo looks freaky, almost like a tornado made more visible by leaves.

    The bag looks interesting from the wee photo =p

  8. I hope you all stay safe! I hope all our crochet buddies in Mumbai are safe as well!

    Those fruits look awesome.

  9. The bag is lovely, will you be selling the pattern?

  10. Hi Mimi, that bag is really pretty. I like the style. Hope everything's okey w/ you and ur family. Take care!

  11. Mimi, you're right, the terrorist acts shouldn't be happening anywhere. :(

  12. Thank you all for your comments :D


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