Friday, July 21, 2006

RAOKs received, Thank you FGMs!

Some of you reading this may be wondering what the title means. Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) and Fairy GodMother (FGM) are usual at Crochetville. Members can join the wishing well by making their own wishlist and/or granting wishes to others.
Yesterday and today I received some from 2 fairy godmothers.

A lovely postcard of Clearwater beach, a pattern sheet for a cool belt, and a Clover thread cutter pendant made it here from Palm Harbor, Florida! Thank you Mary Jo, it was so sweet and thoughtful of you!

I also received this very cute knitting book for babies and pets. It came from an anonymous FGM from Seagoville, Texas. It came with a cute little note, saying that she hopes I knit... I do, I've knitted a few projects and cant wait to take up knitting again and make some wonderful little gifts from this book. Thanks so much FGM!


  1. Nice gifts. I'm tempted to crochet something for the new little least so it is warm in the AC.

  2. So lovely packages you have got.You are really worth many presents

    Dear Mimi tnak you so much for your little gift to me.What a lovely personal gift.I'm so so happy for that.Once again thousands of thanks.

  3. Yes, Mimi, you have given so much to others and you deserve these and so much more!

    I'm glad you got some nice gifts in the mail, and I like Ulla, will treasure the gifts you have given me, always.


  4. Thank you for your comments!
    Lucy, I have yet to send you a little something...
    Ulla, you're welcome, I'm so glad it arrived safely ;)
    Tina, I will never forget you showered me with gifts as my secretpal. Not only the gifts, but the thought that went with it, I'll always cherish...

  5. Wow! those are lovely gifts Mimi. i received a pendant yarn cutter too on the summer SP swap at crochetville.

  6. Hi Fe! I'm really amazed that we are able to give and receive gifts from friends all over the world. It is beyond my wildest dreams before I got hooked on the internet... And their generosity is very touching and inspiring.


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