Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Belly Dancing...

Not me, but I might consider it sometime. I only got interested when my sister told me she's taking belly dancing classes. She sent me a photo of a crocheted hip scarf (from a Turkish site with a branch in U.K., where she bought some chiffon scarves)...hoping I'll be inspired to make one (for her). I would love to, but I must have a clearer idea how I will do it. And I also have to find supplies for the coins and beads that are a necessary part of the costume.
Anyway, while i was searching the web for some more crocheted belly dancing costumes, I saw this:

It looks like a shrug worn on the opposite side, it got me interested. I was also amused at how elaborate some of the costumes are.


  1. I was thinking about this, and you could probably use some of those really thin abalone type buttons for the coin aspect.....I seem to recall some crocheting a belly dancing skirt....I'll have to see if I can remember who it was!

  2. My sister said coins could be substituted with anything similar, but it should make sounds when dancing ;)

  3. divisoria should have that coins, they are the ones made into bracelets too =)
    i dont belly dance but cant remember where i saw a pattern of that somewhere. a thicker hip belt with simple mesh style would do with that coins =)

  4. Hi Ria! I guess most craft supplies can be bought in Divi, but I probably won't venture there anymore since its quite far from my home in Q.C.
    Maybe my son can order a whole pack from China, its cheap there. But I don't know about the freight cost :(

  5. I see these posts are a couple of years old, but here is a link anyway.

    I can't wait for Friday so I can start on Josephine's Halter!

  6. Hi Lisa, thanks!
    That looks like a wonderful pattern, I've had it in my queue for a long sister isn't going to bellydancing class for now. BUt I'll keep that in mind ;)


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