Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dahlia crochet top and some update on my design

Isn't this so lovely?
This is Lily Go's latest crochet design called Dahlia. She used Cannon threads which she got from me ;)
Her pattern has complete instructions from swatching, yarn substitution, customizing size, etc., and with all the necessary diagrams. I'm so eager to try out her pattern, since I have never made any raglan-type of garment. I've already made a swatch, but I still have to order the thread I want for this.

Meanwhile, I have to draw up the diagrams and crochet the shorter top version for my latest design tunic, which was already approved by Coats. This is the third design, which I will be finishing for this year. They expected more from me, but I wasn't able to focus enough. Besides, those were the only ones that came out original and creative, after many attempts :p
Please watch out for my latest designs for Coats Manila Bay, coming soon (hopefully, this year)...


  1. I love this top! When I first saw it I said now there is a top that is finally my style. :)

  2. I love that top, too! And the color. I don't know if I would wear it, though, with the see through bottom.... maybe with a tshirt or a tank top underneath, I might.

  3. hi mi! wow, that's a very lovely top. i don't have really much time to craft now and even post in my blog. but i keep updating with what's happening around everyone's blogs and other sites also.

  4. Good luck to you pattern Mimi, really looking forward to it. The Dahlia looks classy.

  5. I'm so looking forward to see your new deesign. I already know that coming from you , it will be another beauty .
    Wow! that Dahlia top is a beautiful creation ! Really classy. I have to add this pattern to my wish list , lol!!

  6. I am loving your Dahlia!!Great job!!


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