Sunday, October 07, 2007

Japanese pattern Tote Bag - FO

Finished the tote bag! This was a WIP few days ago.
I failed to take photos while in progress...But it was a very easy and quick project.
Here are the materials I used: one ball of Cannon thread and 1 1/2 skein of Catania cotton yarn. I used size 6/0 (3.5mm) hook with one strand of Cannon and Catania held together throughout. But i used 7/0 (4mm) hook for the edging of the straps

It turned out smaller than the original, but its big enough to carry essentials plus a one-skein project, when you don't want to bring a big bag ;)

I still plan to line it, and also sew a cellphone pocket. I already attached a magnetic snap (thanks to Su), but I'm thinking of sewing a zipper instead, so I can toss the bag in the car, when I'm in a hurry.
(You may email me for the link to the pattern, though I've already linked to it on Ravelry)


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  2. That is so cute Mimi! Still looking for local stores that sell cotton yarn so I can start making a bag. I really can't stand working with 100% acrylic.

  3. Mimi it turned out fabulous!!!

  4. It turned out fabulous, Mimi! (Well what else would I expect from you though?) ;) You did a great job.

  5. Dear Mimmi

    Love both the little basket and the mini-bag-perfect items for small projects.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.I have had a busy period so I have not been updating.
    Have a nice time
    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  6. Lovely bag Mimi, and handy too. I wish we got those magnetic snaps out here. I'm no good at attaching a zipper !


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