Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Magnetic snap on a crocheted bag

Here's the latest FO, the magnetic snap attachment (Again, thanks to Su for the magnetic snaps.)
I crocheted two small oval-shaped pieces. Then inserted the snap parts, fixing it on with long-nose pliers. Stitched the two ovals on the appropriate spot inside at the top of the bag...voila! a no-fuss closure for the bag :)


  1. Great idea Mimi! I wondered how to do this without lining a bag-you solved it for me!

  2. Hi Deneen, I actually got the idea from Su, since she had posted about it before.
    Good thing, I remembered to take a photo...I was already about to sew the other piece :p

  3. Very clever!

  4. Yes, very clever, indeed. I would never be able to figure that out myself! I like the pink color, too.


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