Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Crochet vs. Knit

Why do they call it crochet when its knitted?


  1. I don't know, but it irks me. One of the big yarn company's (was it Patons????) had ads in the big Crochet mags and had a top I loved-THEY had it labeled "crochet" in the ad, yet the top was a knitting pattern-ugh

  2. My guess is there are more crocheters, or aspiring crocheters, so they get more attention with the label "crochet".

  3. Or maybe the people writing the ads don't crochet themselves and think it is all crochet, or all knit.... My husband still does it, and I've told him a gazillion times, 'knitting is with two needles, crocheting is with a crochet hook!'


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