Thursday, October 18, 2007

Got distracted again - crochet mesh bags

I have a tendency to start on new projects, when I need to finish something that is more important. It actually helps me, since I'm able to accomplish both...after sometime :p
My current distraction: mesh bags. I love crocheted bags and in particular, sack style bags. So I thought of making a mesh sack. It looks cool, and you can save from using a lot of disposable shopping bags. This bag would help save the environment, no?
Furthermore, they are easy to make.
I tried some free patterns online, but I ended up starting over and making my own pattern instead. A flat bottom just wouldn't look good when it is filled with stuff. So as much as possible, I try to make the bottom hold up the stuff and maintain that cool look. Also, I prefer a shoulder strap instead of handles, as I find it more practical.
I used 2 skeins of Catania, and 1 1/2 balls of Cannon thread and 4mm. hook for this bag.
Are you beginning to see a trend here? Catania cotton and Cannon cotton thread, works so nice together! I'm able to maximize the Catania by adding the Cannon, which is more affordable and readily available to me. The result is comparable but better than when I used 3 strands of the Cannon, since the Catania has more bulk and yet feels soft. I find this combination great for bags and maybe other accessories as well. I thought this bag could carry two dozen of my Cannon threads, but when I rearranged it at the bottom, it could hold 3 dozens! Its heavy, but its comfortable to carry around.
Then I decided I wanted a smaller mesh bag, so I made one. This time I used 3 strands of Cannon threads. I used up exactly 3 balls to make this bright pink bag:

Pattern for sale here ;)


  1. Oh yes, Mimi, I do see a trend here! I love these mesh bags! Very useful and enviroment friendly!

  2. What a great looking bag! They are indeed all the rage right now. I've been helping a Belgian co-worker work on a mesh english pattern with my translating as she goes along into french when she gets confused with the English terminology. Keep up the great design work!

  3. Thanks Vik and Kimberly! I'm still into these bags, I want to make some more in attractive colors :D

  4. Hey Mimi, great job! Definately environment friendly and trendy at the same time. Different colours to go with different outfits would be great !!

  5. Hello!! :D We're in China already! Not quite what I expected: the hotel is set apart from other commercial areas. No convenience stores within walking distance, we'd have to take the cab. Because we arrived late last night we haven't had time to buy groceries so we were forced to pay 32 Yuan for a 750L bottle of water!! haha anyway, my phone's not working so email na lang--free broadband here! Which email should i contact you through?

    Btw, I gave Jamie the mesh bag and she was delighted! She says thanks, it's very attractive! :D


  6. I love the bags! They look SO inviting with all the thread in them!

  7. I love the color, it pink adds a flare. I saw a similar one the other day at school and thought of you and your new bag. If only I had more time to make everything that catches my eye.

  8. I have seen a bag like this that starts with a sprial at the bottom and inverts, so you can roll up into a ball for storage, will this one do that, or does anyone ahve a pattern that will?

  9. I haven't tried rolling it up, I have not thought of the idea too. But I recently saw a japanese bag in a book, like the one you described. I'm not sure its still available, since I saw only the one sold here:

  10. I have just seen a free pattern for a mesh bag with a solid bottom, which is rolled into the shape of a berry.


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